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Seedy Goat Goes Second Round

It was such a winner last year that they've made it happen once again: Mountain Goat's "Seedy Goat", a coffee IPA made in collaboration with Seven Seeds.

The Seedy Goat isn't your typical coffee flavoured beer though.  The coffee doesn't provide a traditional "coffee flavour" or bitterness but rather fruity notes that compliment the Tasmanian Galaxy and US Cascade hops selected by chief  brewer Dave Bonighton.  In conjunction with the roast team at Seeds, Dave picked our Nicaraguan Finca Jaime Molina, which is currently featuring on espresso in our cafes and displays notes of citrus, cherry and cocoa.  We gave it a specific roast to bring out the elements that best matched their hops, and the result is the 2012 Seedy Goat.

You can sample it right now at the Goat Bar, and you'll find it in good bottle shops very soon.

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