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Got Wings

Caleb Heaney has a coffee pedigree few in this city exceed.  Apart from a lot of time spent behind the machine, Caleb roasted at Seven Seeds for a few years, during which time he became one of a handful of Q-graders (professional cuppers accredited by the Coffee Quality Institute) in Australia.  After we bid him a tearful farewell he joined Small Batch in North Melbourne as Head Roaster and did great things with those guys.  The itch continued untempered though, and Caleb has now ventured out on with his partner Rebecca to open a fantastic little charmer right in the city, just like we always knew he would.

A Little Bird Told Me opens at today, and we are very happy to be supplying Caleb's main roast.  We're raising our espresso cups and toasting to the return of a favourite son.

A Little Bird Told Me
Open M-F (for now)
29 Little La Trobe St, CBD

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