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20g coffee : 320 g water


1. Open the paper filter up and pop it into the cone. Pour some hot water through the filter and cone to pre-heat the brewer.

2. Place brewer on mug and then tare them on your scales. Add your freshly ground coffee to the brewer, 20g is great for 1 mug. Tare the scales again.

3. Grab your kettle and slowly pour until the scales read 50g. Start your stopwatch, grab your teaspoon and give the coffee slurry a gentle stir to get all the coffee nice and wet, 10 seconds should do it.

4. When your watch reads 30 seconds, you can add another 135g of water from the kettle. Be gentle with the pouring, aiming for the centre of the coffee.

5. When your watch reads 60 seconds, add 135g of water and finish with another gentle, circular stir, for 3 seconds.

6. Your coffee should take 3 to 4 minutes to drip through. If it is too fast, grind finer. If it is too slow, grind coarser.


Grind Size | The most critical aspect of your recipe, the grind size influences the flow of water through the ground coffee, thereby impacting on strength & flavour.

Heat | Warm your vessel before brewing by running hot water through it. Remember to throw out that water before starting brewing.

Water | Even though tap water in Melbourne, and Australia is delish & clean, we always brew with filtered water. It eliminates any 'extras' that come through you pipes. It also softens the water, and makes comparison between our cafes easier.

Freshness | It's not a marketing ploy. Buying smaller amounts more frequently means your coffee will taste better. We reckon you should use coffee one month after roast. Yes, grinding just before you brew gives you the best result. But we know not everyone can get their hands on a grinder, that's why we'll grind it for you.


Roast | Light roast all the way!

Profile | We use words that describe the body & mouthfeel of coffee, which is seperate to the flavour notes we taste. A profile might be sweet & balanced, or bright & delicate. The latter has more acidity, where as a balanced profile is more rounded, for example.

Notes of | These are the flavour we find in the coffee.

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