• V60 cone

  • Paper filters

  • A set of scales

  • A timer (your phone will do just fine!)

  • A vessel to brew into - a mug, jug or carafe

  • Your favourite coffee cup

  • A light-roasted coffee for filter brewing. Whole beans (if you own a grinder) or ask our roastery team to grind your beans for pour-over


This recipe best suits a 1-cup V60 cone, brewing a coffee for a standard-sized coffee cup, around 250mL.

The ratio we use is 6g of ground coffee per 100mL of water. Multiply this ratio to brew a larger coffee or double it when preparing a 2-cup pour-over.

If you like a stronger coffee, feel free to add an extra 2-3g of coffee per 100mL of water.


Step 1

Set the kettle to boil.

Grind your coffee to medium-fine, around the coarseness of sand.

Step 2

Place the mug, jug or carafe you're brewing into onto your set of scales.

Place the V60 cone on top of your brewing vessel.

Step 3

Nest a paper filter in the V60 cone, and fold over the side seam, so it fits nicely.

Step 4

Once the kettle has boiled, rinse the filter with the boiled water. This preheats the V60 cone and your brewing vessel, aiding extraction.

Tip out the excess water from your vessel.

Step 5

Tare your scales and add 15g of ground coffee into the filter cone.

Shake the cone gently to level the grounds.

Form a small crater in the coffee with a spoon.

Step 6

Start your timer.

Using a quick, circular motion, pour 30ml boiled water directly into the centre of the crater, ensuring you cover all the ground coffee. (There's no need to worry about pouring a little too much).

Allow the water to soak into the coffee for 30 seconds.


Step 7

Add approx. 100ml more water, still pouring in small circles, again ensuring you are saturating all of the ground coffee.

Once the water levels have dropped to the point where you can add more, pour in the remaining 120ml boiled water and allow it to soak through.

Step 8

Stop your timer once the last of the water has dripped through into your vessel, and take note of how long the brewing process took. Ideally, we aim for between 2 minutes 30 seconds and 3 minutes 30 seconds.

Step 9

Pour the freshly brewed coffee from the brewing vessel into your favourite coffee cup, and enjoy.



  • As mentioned in Step 8, we generally expect a V60 pour-over brew to take between 2 minutes 30 seconds and 3 minutes 30 seconds. If your brew is slower than this, try a coarser grind for your beans. If your brew is faster, try a finer grind.

  • The optimal time to enjoy a light-roasted filter brew is 5-25 days after the roast date. So if you've popped in and grabbed a bag of freshly roasted beans, we recommend letting them rest for a few days before use.