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Seven Seeds Coffee  / Brewing Guides / Pour Over Brewing



We use a starting point ratio of 5g - 6g per 100 mLs of water. A 1-cup V60 cone will suit a standard 250mL brew. If you like a stronger coffee, explore adding an extra 2g - 3g of coffee per 100 mL of water. 



Aim for a medium grind for pour over brewing; finer than plunger or batch brewing, but coarser than espresso or stove top.


Your total brew time from the first water pour should be between 2:30 and 3:30 minutes. If you find your brew too fast or slow, you can adjust the coarseness of the ground coffee. Grind coarser for a slower brew time or finer for a faster one..



No spoon is required; this refers to pouring the water in a quick circular motion to move the coffee grounds around and ensure they are saturated the whole way through.



You'll find a set of scales large enough to place your mug or jug on to be incredibly useful here, as you'll be pouring water roughly three times in different volumes.

Based on our 1-cup V60 cone recipe;

Pour 1: In the 1:2 ratio. E.g. for 15 grams of coffee, pour 30 grams (mLs) of water.
Pour 2: Approx. 100mL Water
Pour 3: Remaining water, approx. 120mL

Place a filter paper in the V60 cone, folding over the side seam to sit neatly.

RINSE the filter with boiled water, tipping out any excess water in your carafe or jug.

Spoon ground coffee into the centre of the cone and add water in the 1:2 RATIO, swirling gently.

Let it soak for a minute and when there's room in the cone, pour again, swirling to ensure all coffee is saturated.

Add the remaining water, and allow it to soak through. Stop your timer as the last drips through.

Pour into your favourite coffee cup and enjoy your freshly brewed coffee.