Seven Seeds Espresso Blend


TASTES LIKE Caramel, Sweet & Balanced

PROFILE We design our seasonal house espresso blend to present a sweet and delicate, sometimes floral and always clean extraction. We source coffees to meet the intent to highlight good acidity, clarity and sweetness. Delicious served black and paired with milk.

COMPONENTS 50% Awel Teha, Ethiopia  | 50% Tatacoa, Colombia


Current Roast: Transparency Report & Brewing Guide

Previous Roast: Transparency Report & Brewing Guide



We think it’s important you know what coffee producers are paid. And, we’re proud that we can actually show you. Paying a sustainable & profitable price means coffee producers have longevity in the industry, and don’t need to turn to a more profitable crop. ‘Farmgate’ is the price the producer, or cooperative received for their selling coffee in parchment. We’ve also listed the FOB (Freight on Board) price that we paid to the exporter partner, and comparisons to other trading models. On top of FOB, we pay to ship the coffee to Melbourne, quality assess, roast (resulting in a 15% weight loss), & retail it, adding significant costs & risk.

Read about each component in this blend, and for more context of the industry and Seven Seeds place within it, here.

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