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TechnoServe, Ethiopia

For those who haven’t heard of TechnoServe before, they’re a nonprofit organisation who work with enterprising people in the developing world to build competitive farms, businesses and industries - for Ethiopia, this means coffee. TechnoServe facilitate farmers access to knowledge and equipment to improve their product and also connect them to the international market - i.e Seven Seeds.

For the last few seasons, coffee that Seven Seeds has sourced from selected Co-operatives in Ethiopia, has only been made possible by the hard work, coordination and generous help from TechnoServe and their employees. 

Whether it is being able to cup different coffees from the hundreds of co-ops with Moata in his labs in Jimma or facilitating visits through Ansha to untouched areas in west wellega, their importance in educating and informing producers in agronomy for countries such as Ethiopia, can not be understated. We're fortunate to have both Moata and Ansha here for one night Monday 27th who will be chatting to the Seven Seeds staff and our wholesale accounts to draw a connection between producer and barista. They're over in Australia as part of a residency with Paramount Coffee Project and Aroma Festival and we count ourselves very lucky to have stolen a moment with them before they head back to Ethiopia.

The pictures below have been taken by Mark Dundon and Matthew Ledingham on our recent trips to Ethiopia to meet with various co-operatives with the invaluable help of TechoServe. 





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