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Mark Dundon talks Melbourne Coffee on 5THWAVE - Seven Seeds

Mark Dundon talks Melbourne Coffee on 5THWAVE

Mark Dundon, the co-owner of Seven Seeds Coffee Roasters, was recently asked to join Jeffrey Young on his podcast, 5THWAVE, The Business of Coffee, to coincide with the World Barista Championship, which took place at the Melbourne International Coffee Expo.

This episode welcomes a few special guests who play an influential role in the Melbourne speciality coffee scene, with interesting perspectives from the early days and the modern cafe landscape in 2022.

It’s no secret that the Melbourne coffee and cafe scene is recognised worldwide for an innovative and diverse range of reasons.

Coming out of the last two years, when the global pandemic saw the industry heavily affected in sourcing, producing and retail, this episode takes the time to ask important questions to industry professionals. Amongst many topics, Mark speaks of how greatly the coffee industry has changed, from once being “protective, in regards to secrecy” on how companies were sourcing, roasting and brewing to speaking on what led him to take action on operating more transparently and honestly.

Mark also chats about the coffee world in Los Angeles, Covid hurdles and what he thinks is in store for Melbourne coffee trends in the future.

Click below to listen to the entire episode and a big thanks to Jeffrey Young and the 5THWAVE Podcast for asking the right questions about our industry and where we are going in the future.


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