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New Release | Bekele Belaycho, Ethiopia

Bekele Belaycho, Ethiopia

Now in its second year at Seven Seeds, the Bekele Belaycho strikes the perfect balance between wild and precise. Our final release from Ethiopia for the season, this mix-variety coffee easily stands out in a crowd, with indulgent tropical tones upfront and a delicate clarity at the back. We're calling it a gateway filter for those looking for something slightly more adventurous.

Producer Bekele Belaycho grows in the Bensa highlands region of Sidama. This area is relatively new to coffee production, with most of the industry being no more than 20 years old. Local producers, including Bekele Belaycho and Basha Bekele, preference natural processed coffees due to limited access to water at the high altitude of 2300 masl. It's a move that's paying off, with the 2022 Cup of Excellence Top Ten including eight natural coffees from Sidama.


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