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New Release Double Drop: Evin Moreno and Las Mercedes - Seven Seeds

New Release Double Drop: Evin Moreno and Las Mercedes

It's a new release double drop this week! Our container from Honduras has arrived, loaded up with some fantastic coffees, and we're starting strong with a new filter brew from producer Evin Moreno. On the espresso side, we have Las Mercedes from the slopes of the Eastern Colombian Andes.

We are excited to welcome Evin Moreno back to our single-origin menu for the third consecutive year. Evin is considered a pioneer within the region and, as a relatively young producer, a future superstar in the coffee industry. This year's release is vibrant with tropical fruit notes and a well-balanced finish.

Evin Moreno uses an anaerobic washed process. When sourcing a coffee like this, it's essential to the buying team here at Seven Seeds that any fermentation process enhances the flavour of the coffee bean rather than masking or significantly changing it. This year's lot from Evin and his wife Alma perfectly represents that sourcing strategy. Their meticulous approach to anaerobic fermentation has resulted in an unbelievably clean cup of coffee.

Fans of Colombian coffee, take note! Las Mercedes will be our only 2022 micro-lot release from this origin, with internal and external factors making transparent sourcing difficult this year.

Producer Don Heladio and his family run their farm with the utmost care and respect for their coffee trees and the environment in which they exist. Not only do they produce exceptional coffee, but they do it in a sustainable and environmentally conscious way. Las Mercedes is a perfect example of a Colombian coffee, full of berries and stone fruit - a medium roast best suited for espresso brewing.

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