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New Release | Finca Rosma, Guatemala

Finca Rosma, Guatemala

Latte lovers, line up for this one. Finca Rosma, Guatemala, is smooth and sweet with an indulgent creaminess that lends itself beautifully to milk-based coffee drinks. Finca Rosma will also make up one-half of our Golden Gate Espresso Blend over the next few weeks, with its cacao notes fitting right into our darkest roast's big, bold profile.

Finca Rosma, Guatemala, Coffee Profile

The 2022 Guatemala harvest allowed Seven Seeds to source an array of varietals and processing techniques from the Morales family farms. It is always enjoyable to 'drink from the Kool-Aid' of processing experimentation; it is equally satisfying to kick back and enjoy a classic coffee like the Finca Rosma; fully washed, with Bourbon and Caturra varietals and incredibly drinkable.


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