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New Release | Fredy Perez, Honduras

Fredy Perez, Honduras


It's our last release from Honduras for the season, but it comes with a couple of firsts. A new producer relationship and our first purchase from the San Andres region, Fredy Perez, Honduras, joins our single-origin espresso menu today.

The beauty of this coffee is in its balance. Clear and abundant Autumnal fruits upfront, harmoniously paired with a creamy, comforting finish. Grown and processed with purpose and focus, this coffee is clean, refined, and extremely high quality.

Producer Fredy Perez grew up with coffee, learning his trade at his father's side, a coffee producer. In 2008 Fredy purchased his first plot of land and began to grow for himself. Today Fredy, and his wife, Glenis, are heavily involved in the day-to-day operations of their farm. Together they are two incredibly hard-working individuals committed to producing some of the best coffee out of San Andres.

San Andres is a relatively youthful region within the coffee industry, with most production starting in the 1990s. Considered an unknown a few short years ago, coffees from this region have now made the industry sit up and take notice. Fredy attended the Cup of Excellence competition in 2019, and while he did not make it to the finals, he made connections with the right people to help him make his green coffee available to buyers like Seven Seeds.

Our supply partner in Honduras, Benjamin Paz, is very excited about Fredy Perez and the future of the San Andres region. Seven Seeds is here for the future of coffee and we can't wait to see what's in store from Fredy Perez in years to come.

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