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Public Holiday Hours | ANZAC Day

New Release | Musasa, Rwanda

Musasa, Rwanda


It's been a long time coming, and we hope you agree that it's been well worth the wait. The first Rwandan coffee to join the Seven Seeds single-origin menu since 2012, please welcome the exceptional Musasa, Rwanda.

Musasa is a shining example of the outstanding coffee being produced in Rwanda. The rich texture of this coffee is beautifully balanced with bright citric acidity and bucketloads of ripe red berries. Crisp and refreshing; think a tall glass of sweet cranberry juice served with a twist of lime.

Rwanda is an origin we've been watching over the years, and we'll talk a little bit more about the time between coffees over the coming weeks as we shine the spotlight on Musasa. Suffice to say; we're excited to have a Rwandan coffee back on the menu, and we're thrilled to include Rwanda in the Seven Seeds sourcing model moving forward.

Musasa, Rwanda, Coffee Profile


The Musasa washing station was established in 2013 in the high-altitude hills of the Congo-Nile Trail in Rwanda's Western Province. Since then, through the improvement in resources and facilities, the region's coffee producers have gone from strength to strength. This is our first year purchasing coffee from Musasa, and we are excited about this coffee and its future potential. We aim to build a long-term partnership with the contributing producers.

The purchase of this coffee was facilitated by our trusted export partners RwaCof/Sucafina. Their work and investments in Rwanda have led to increased yields, access to training and environmental sustainability projects that ultimately improve the livelihoods of the local coffee producers. Seven Seeds looks forward to being a part of that long-term improvement.

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