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New Release | Ouro Verde Collection #8, Brazil

Our last Brazilian coffee for the season has us revisiting Ouro Verde farm. Celebrating our eight year (and counting) relationship with the Rigno Family in Bahia, Brazil, Ouro Verde Collection #8 contrasts the punchy Summery filters from Kenya and Ethiopia currently on our menu, displaying soft fruits, and subtle acidity.

Back in July, Ouro Verde Collection #6 joined our espresso menu. The coffee harvested for that release ripened a day or two earlier than the cherry picked on the eighth pass through the farm, known as Collection #8. While the farm and the varietals are the same, the later harvest has resulted in improved variations in the flavour and cup quality of the coffee.

In particular, we found that Collection #8 displayed a higher level of complexity, well suited to filter brewing. Both coffees will feature on the menu for a few more weeks; it's a fantastic opportunity to try them both and compare.

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