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New Release: Waturi Estate PB, Kenya - Seven Seeds

New Release: Waturi Estate PB, Kenya

As the days become longer and warmer, we’re in the mood for something a little fizzy, bright and sparkling, with fruity highlights of peach and passionfruit. Forget bubbles; we’re talking coffee, of course!

Our new release and our final Kenyan coffee for the season, Waturi Estate PB, hits all the right notes, roasted light and bright for a sweet and tangy cup of filter brew.

Waturi Estate is located in Thika, Muranga, at an elevation of 1800 masl. The high altitude provides warm, sunny days and cool nights that promote sweet, dense cherry. This sweetness comes through in the coffee with an almost sherbet-like fizziness, balanced with bright, tart acidity and notes of tropical stone fruit.

Producer David Murathe works in close collaboration with KenyaCof to implement best practices in agricultural standards to keep his small farm in optimal producing conditions. His years of working with KenyaCof have enabled him to improve yields and quality, and his hard work is paying off, leading to new relationships with roasters such as Seven Seeds Coffee Roasters.

Historically, small coffee producers in Kenya have not produced lots large enough to meet the minimum for processing at a dry mill (usually around 50 bags of parchment per lot). Instead, farmers merge their lots with others from the region, ultimately losing traceability, lowering their overall returns and removing the potential for name recognition and direct-trade relationships.

To cater for these small single producer lots, Kahawa Bora Mill (operated by KenyaCof) has a separate, micro-lot milling line, custom-made to hull lots as small as one bag at a time. Growers can maintain their brand when selling their coffee, allowing for direct trade with full transparency.

We have enjoyed fantastic coffee from Kenya this year. We are excited to revisit this origin in 2023 to form new and exciting relationships with single estates, thanks to this initiative from KenyaCof.

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