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Los Mesones de La Trampa is a coffee and cattle farm located in the northern part of Nicaragua. 

It is part of the “National Park of Datanlí El Diablo” and an area protected by law and is located 135 km north of Managua in Jinotega. 

With a long history of coffee farming, La Trampa was founded by Carman Herrera, the great grandfather to Gerald and Mercedes LaRue, who lost possession of the farm during the Sandinista Regime during the 1980s. La Trampa was returned to the LaRue family in the early 2000s, but in a deplorable condition. To make it feasible economically again, it was divided into lots between the siblings

Sustainability and better coffee practices are a focus year on year for the LaRue family, who strive to continual improve. Working on areas such as conservation and better use of land to minimise water usage and erosion, reforestation programs and being involved with local communities, help to improve the quality of life for all who live around the farm.  

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