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Public Holiday Hours | ANZAC Day
Public Holiday Hours | ANZAC Day


This year has seen many changes with regards to sourcing and purchasing coffees in Ethiopia, in particular. For Seven Seeds, this means adapting and growing along with these changes. For us, the most important element of green sourcing is to nurture strong relationships at every level where possible and strive to maintain transparency and honesty. 

Some of you may be aware that in the past we have purchased coffees from co-operatives which is facilitated through a union. This year has seen the founding of many new unions, with the drive being to represent specific co-ops in specific regions, this in turn creates an alternative to the existing larger unions that formerly would oversee many of these growing regions. 

You may also be aware that in previous years, Seven Seeds has had the pleasure of showcasing coffees grown in the Agaro region in Jimma. We have found the unique cup profile of these coffees to be exciting, refreshing and of a high quality. 

This year the regions in Jimma have formed their own unions. For us,  this means the potential for a more effective and transparent relationship at farm level. 

It is always a work in progress and there are always ways to improve upon the current system. This year we strive to do just that and can't wait for the opportunity to showcase Ethiopia's stunning offerings once again. 

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