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Seven Seeds x Cassette - Seven Seeds

Seven Seeds x Cassette

Near Macaulay Station in Kensington, you’ll find the light-filled Cassette, one of Seven Seeds newest stockists. The venue, which sits below Assemble Communities' second project, 38 Albemarle Street, was designed by architects Six Degrees. A seven-storey building offering 73 newly-built homes is the first project to be delivered under Assemble Future, “an alternative, supportive pathway to home ownership”.

At Cassette, you’ll find coffee by Seven Seeds Coffee Roasters, seating for up to 80 people (both residential and public visitors) and a versatile menu that celebrates locally sourced, seasonal produce. Try the Mount Macedon eggs with maple bacon and smoky jalapeno kraut - excess coffee shots are used to marinate the meat, and coffee grounds are used to infuse the fresh eggs while still in the shells, resulting in a unique modern dish that showcases the aromatic flavours of Seven Seeds Coffee. Laura Boulton has curated a plethora of equally creative dishes that spotlight Australian produce with simplicity and waste reduction at their core.

Cassette is committed to being a zero-waste venue; any waste produced is composted on-site. Seven Seeds is excited to work with a venue whose commitment to sustainability and efforts to minimise environmental impact aligns closely with our own. Which is why this concept resonated so deeply with Seven Seeds when Assemble Communities approached us to join their bulk buying initiative, in which residents can purchase household products via an app.

Assemble Communities’ app is built to encourage internal purchasing within the community, by reducing costs on everyday household items. Products available through the app include toilet paper, dishwashing detergent and other essentials. Residents can purchase Seven Seeds coffee beans, whole or ground, packed into one of our 100% recyclable paper bags or a reusable steel container supplied by Cassette.

The Seven Seeds team had the privilege of seeing first hand how beautifully designed the homes really are at 38 Albermarle Street. Thank you to the design and operations team at Cassette and Assemble for your valuable time and incredible contributions to the waste reduction movement in sustainable housing initiatives. We cannot recommend these lovely homes enough!

We are excited to see this new partnership grow and we’re thrilled to contribute to future projects with the Assemble team!

We’ll be back for a Seven Seeds coffee and something delicious from the menu very soon!

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