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Blend Change

The roasters have just completed their first roast of the new blend where Finca La Soledad + Bella Vista take out Finca Villaure + Finca Los Guayabales. This new blend is tasting like a slice of summer with caramel, dark chocolate + a cherry sweetness.

As most are already aware, our coffee offerings change regularly through out the year depending on what coffee is in stock.

Like all food + produce, coffee is seasonal. Our roasters travel to origin through out the year, generally just after coffee harvest (which is different for each country), where they cup and choose which coffee we would like to buy. A busy time for coffee buyers is mostly March through to May as a lot of coffee producing countries are ready to harvest by the end of March (Costa Rica, El Salvador, Ethiopia, Guatemala, Hawaii, India, Jamaica, Kenya, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama). Seven Seeds head roaster Aaron Wood is currently in Ethiopia and roaster Kc Reynolds is due to head to Guatemala and Honduras mid February. Mark Dundon will also be in Guatemala at the same time.

See the components of the new blend here.


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