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Taking it to Origin

As you know, the roasters head over to Origin throughout the year, generally to coincide with the time of harvest to work on securing exceptional coffee. Sometimes these guys cup 100+ coffees over the course of the travel, are generally traveling to pretty out-of-the-way places and meeting producers, exporters and other coffee roasters from all around. It's a pretty special part of the process and the hope is to share some of stories with you along the way.

Mark took a trip to Ethiopia late last year and Aaron chased that with a two week trip at the start of Feb. Both visited Addis Ababa as a starting point and ventured South West to Oromia to meet with local co ops and visit dry mills.

As you read this, Kc Reynolds is travelling through Guatemala and then on to Costa Rica to visit a few farms we've bought from in previous years and also check out a few new ones.
Keep up to date and learn a little of what goes on by following the travel snaps on instagram.
More on her travel stories soon...

As for coffee on the menu now - we're keepin' it consistant, this month we're still charging through Colombian coffee like no mans business. Bringing to you Mango, Brown Sugar, Redcurrant sweetness from El Hueco; Chocolate, Strawberry, Grape Acidity from La Linda; and Honey, Strawberry, Almond treats from La Cacica.

Colombia La Cacica will also be taking up around two months residency in our Seasonal Espresso Blend, where you'll see it paired with some Guatemalan goodies.

With summer coming to a close, we are gearing up to keep you refreshed with sweet, juicy brews featuring Colombian coffees and perhaps a little bit of Ethiopian to shake it up...

We hope you've all had a tremendous start to the new year and are working your way through the list of goals...we've heard drinking plenty of great coffee helps!

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