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Micro-Lot Release | Luiz Paulo, Brazil


Our newest micro-release is the first of its kind for us, and we could not be more excited to share it with you. Luiz Paulo, Brazil, is the first Brazilian Geisha to feature on the Seven Seeds menu. We're stoked to release this unique and exotic coffee during Melbourne Coffee Week 2023, coinciding with a visit from producer Luiz Paulo and the CarmoCoffees team.

Luiz Paulo Dias Pereira is a pioneering coffee producer and the director of CarmoCoffees, our sourcing partner in Minas Gerais. This Natural process Geisha comes to us from Santuário Sul, a project Luiz Paulo started in 2015. The farm boasts over 30 exotic coffee varietals, including the Sudan Rume featured on our espresso menu earlier this year.

The Luiz Paulo Geisha offers a rich, comforting texture, fresh fruit acidity, and a squeaky-clean finish with delicate florals. This coffee will likely provide a new taste experience for many, bending the expectations of serious coffee enthusiasts.

It was a privilege to host the Carmo team at Seven Seeds Carlton this week, hearing first-hand about their motivations, experiences and challenges in the region and their cutting-edge post-harvest techniques, resulting in many stunning coffees, including this impressive Geisha.

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