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Public Holiday Hours | ANZAC Day
Public Holiday Hours | ANZAC Day

New Release | Sitio Santa Catarina, Brazil


Our showcase of the finest natural process coffees from Brazil continues, with Sitio Santa Catarina returning to our filter menu for a second year. With its unique flavour profile, this coffee was a fan favourite amongst the Seven Seeds team last year, and we expect it to be just as popular again this time.

Sitio Santa Catarina can be found in Pedralva, 41 km South-West of Carmo de Minas. The area is known for its mountainous, rocky terrain. The coffee produced here has a distinct minerality , likely due to massive white stone deposits deep in the earth.

This pleasing mineral quality, along with flavours of soft yellow fruits and an indulgent, creamy texture, sets Sitio Santa Catarina apart from other coffees we've purchased from Brazil. The quality and consistency of coffee from this farm continues to improve and impress, and we're happy to be in our second year of direct trade with producer Sebastiao Alexandre Da Silva and his team.

Coffee was first planted on the farm in 1983. Unfortunately, the crop was lost to a heavy frost in the region during the early years of production. In response, Sebastiao Alexandre chose to plant new trees on higher ground to avoid such events in the future and began producing coffee again. Improving quality has always been on the agenda, but a markable turning point in the story of this farm was forming a working partnership with CarmoCoffees. CarmoCoffees provide Sebastiao Alexandre access to the international specialty market and technical assistance regarding farm management, pruning, soil analysis, and harvest techniques.  The recent construction of the Pedra Branca wet mill by CarmoCoffees has meant that consistency is now a defining factor in all coffee coming from Sitio Santa Catarina, We've experienced these results first-hand on the cupping table.

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