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Micro Lot Series - Seven Seeds

Micro Lot Series

Small, exclusive lots, that are devastatingly good. 

Our Micro Lot series is back this year, with coffees from Peru and Bolivia. 

These micro lots are less than 180kg in size each, and will be on the menu for a, very short, 1-2 week period. The series will contain eight coffees. 

We bid for the Peruvian micro lots via a regional auction held by Finca Churupumpa. We bought the entire harvest of these coffees - the only place you can try them in the world. 

Speaking of exclusive - it's our honour again to be one of four roasters in the world roasting coffee from Cafe Takesi. One of, if not the highest coffee farms in the world. You can expect Typica, Red Catuai & Geisha from July. 

Now Roasting: Clever Acosta, Peru



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