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New Release | Aguacatones Natural, Guatemala

Aguacatones Natural, Guatemala

Aguacatones Natural is the third and final release for the season from Los Aguacatones, where the Morales family experiment with unique coffee varietals and sustainable production methods. Over the past few months, we have featured three releases from this farm, all presented with a different processing technique.

In contrast to the Aguacatones Anaerobic (tropical cocktail) and the Fully Washed (syrupy stonefruit), the Natural is smooth-bodied, with plump, jammy fruits and choc-hazelnut vibes. 

It has been incredible to compare all three releases; the same farm, the same varietals (Bourbon and Villa Sarchi), and the same harvesting period; only the processing technique differing to bring us three outstanding and unique coffees. As we approach ten years of direct trade with the Morales family, we're excited to see where their innovative approach to coffee production leads next.

Sales from these coffees have gone towards our Lunches for Los Pequeños intiative, funding preschool lunches for the kids of producers, farm workers and members of the wider community during the coffee harvesting season. As of the start of this week, we have raised over $1650 for this program; thank you to everyone for your support! 


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