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New Release | Esperanza Pacamara, Guatemala

Esperanza Pacamara, Guatemala

Seven Seeds' summer of Guatemala continues as we celebrate nine years of direct trade with the Villatoro family, multi-generational coffee producers in the province of Huehuetenango.

Esperanza Pacamara, Guatemala, is one of the Seven Seeds roasters' favourites, now in its fifth year on our menu. The larger-than-usual coffee beans take a little more care and time when roasting, but as they say, the juice is worth the squeeze. In this case, we're talking breakfast juice; tropical notes, syrupy stonefruit and sweet florals.

Esperanza Pacamara, Guatemala, Coffee Profile

The story of the green-eyed coffee trees is one we love to share when the Pacamara varietal shows up on our cupping table. A cross between the Pacas and Marogogype varietals, the Pacamara is demanding of the producers' attention, 'jealous' of time spent elsewhere on the farm. While high-maintenance, the payoff is worthwhile; always a fantastic cup of coffee.

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