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New Release | Faustino Flores Benegas, Peru

Faustino Flores Benegas, Peru


We kick off an incredible Peru sourcing season with this year's first release from the origin, Faustino Flores Benegas, Peru. This small lot (only 340kgs) is an excellent example of the coffee-producing potential in Northern Peru. Well-structured with fresh fruit acidity and a syrupy mouthfeel, the cupping results here at Seeds HQ have been phenomenal.

Second-generation producer Faustino and his family grow Caturra, Red Bourbon and Catimor coffee varieties alongside guava, bananas, and around 30 large cedar trees for which the small farm, El Cedro, is named. Since 2018 they have been improving the infrastructure on the farm and pushing forward with quality initiatives. Their current goal is to place in the finals at the Cup Of Excellence Awards. Producing coffee as good as this, they have an excellent chance! 


Faustino Flores Benegas, Peru, Coffee Profile


Although Seven Seeds has promoted coffee from Peru since only 2018 - relatively recently compared with other origins - it now makes up around 10% of our annual purchasing volume, becoming one of the seven major origins we source coffee from. This is a bold statement about how we feel about the potential and, indeed, the existing quality on offer in Peru. With dedication and perseverance from our sourcing department, we’ve sourced coffees that easily stack up against any of the finest lots produced by neighbouring Colombia - a giant of specialty coffee production.

Peruvian farmers are specifically known for their progressive nature, always willing to improve quality amidst ever-changing market demand. We see establishing long-term relationships here as something we can be proud of and pledge to help solidify their quality potential in the minds of consumers and coffee professionals throughout Australia.

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