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Public Holiday Hours | ANZAC Day
New Release: Mukunga Estate AA, Kenya - Seven Seeds

New Release: Mukunga Estate AA, Kenya

Fruit-driven, wild and superior in quality, this coffee will be one to remember. Seven Seeds are excited to showcase Mukunga Estate AA, our newest Kenyan release for the season. It might sound like a big call, but we have declared Mukunga Estate AA the best example of a Kenyan coffee we've come across in years.

Our highest scoring Kenyan release of 2022 (with an outstanding score of 89!) comes to us from Mukunga Estate, located in the Kiambu region of Kenya. Owned and operated by producer Hanner Wanjiku Mukunga, the estate's high altitude, along with Hanner's focus on quality processing, create the ideal conditions for cultivating superior coffee.

A superior coffee like the Mukunga Estate AA deserves to be brewed using a method that showcases its finest qualities. We recommend a pour over; this is how we will serve this outstanding release in our cafes over the coming weeks. We have the tools you need, plus a brew guide, to enable you to pour a perfect cup of coffee; bright, bold and highlighting its incredible profile.

Mukunga Estate AA will be one of our standout releases this year. Don't sleep on this one; this showstopper ranks highly among the finest coffees to ever land on our cupping table.

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