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New Release | Ouro Verde Collection #6, Brazil

We welcome Antonio Rigno of Bahia, Brazil, back to the Seven Seeds single-origin coffee menu for the eighth year. We're always impressed with the ever-improving coffee quality produced by the Rigno Family. The Ouro Verde Collection #6 is an excellent example of this. Well-balanced with good acidity and a buttery finish, on our espresso menu from now through to September.

Ouro Verde Farm is located in Chapada Diamantina, near Piata, Bahia. It is the highest city in Northeast Brazil, sitting at around 1200 masl. The high elevation makes for the slow ripening of the Catuai varieties grown on the farm, which, along with attention to detail when pulping and drying the coffee, makes for excellent shelf life.


Collection #6 refers to the sixth collection, or 'pass'. Not all coffee cherries ripen simultaneously, requiring pickers to 'pass' through the farm multiple times to harvest the ripe fruit. This year we have also purchased Ouro Verde Collection #8, which will join our filter menu in the Spring.

The foundation of the Seven Seeds sourcing model is to form lasting purchasing relationships with like-minded producers looking to maintain, or improve quality each year. Our ongoing partnership with the Rigno Family at Ouro Verde is an excellent example of the positive results this kind of commitment can yield. Their tireless dedication to producing quality coffee is on show with this release, and we are thrilled to bring you the fruits of this labour.

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