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New Release | Santuario Sul, Brazil

Santuario Sul, Brazil

Santuário Sul is a project started in 2015 by Luiz Paulo Dias Pereira, coffee producer and founder of Carmo Coffees, our sourcing partner in the Minas Gerais region of Brazil. In addition to traditional Brazilian varieties like yellow bourbon, the farm boasts more than 30 exotic varieties of coffee. Santuário Sul placed in the Brazil Cup of Excellence competition for four consecutive years from 2018 onwards, a testament to Luiz Paulo's endless dedication to the industry.

The release of Santuário Sul, Brazil, marks the first time Seven Seeds has featured the Sudan Rume varietal on our coffee menu. It's no stretch to say this coffee cups as one of, if not the finest, examples of Sudan Rume grown in Brazil. With its unique story and aromatic flavour profile, this enigmatic addition to our Brazil offering will feature as an espresso roast during May and June.

Santuario Sul, Brazil, Coffee Profile

A natural mutation of the Bourbon variety, Sudan Rume was initially discovered in Sudan, close to the border of Ethiopia. There are few commercial plantations of pure Sudan Rume due to its low yields, but it serves well as high-quality stock for new hybrid varietals. We're always eager to showcase a coffee of this nature, especially when growing conditions are as favourable as they are at Santuário Sul

Seven Seeds have been purchasing coffee through Carmo Coffee for over four years, and from Luiz's farms in particular for three years now. We are stoked to have access to his stunning coffee and it must be said that we are so proud to work with Luiz and his team at Carmo.

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