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Micro-Lot Release | Silvio Leite, Brazil

Silvio Leite, Brazil

Silvio Leite is a name all coffee professionals recognise. He is a co-founder and world-renowned head judge of the Cup of Excellence competition, a passionate specialty coffee advocate, and an award-winning coffee producer. Seven Seeds has been working with Silvio for over eight years, with Silvio and Agricoffee acting as our export partners for both his own farms and others in the region. This season's sourcing marks the third year we have showcased one of Silvio's own lots.

Silvio's Pulped Natural coffees are some of the cleanest we've found, but it's his naturally processed lots that have brought him recent success at local and international levels. 

Silvio Leite, Brazil, Coffee Profile

Silvio Leite, Brazil, comes from the same farm and varieties and uses the same approach that won 17th place in the 2021 Brazil Cup of Excellence. This Red and Yellow Catuai exhibits an ultra-refined structure with decadent fresh fruit flavours and a creamy dessert-like finish. Even the staunchest clean-coffee-buff must admit that this is not your typical natural.

This coffee accurately represents some of the flavour attributes routinely featured on the world stage alongside the finest Brazil has to offer. With only 60kgs available, this silky smooth filter roast will only be on our menu for a short time.

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