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Holiday Trading Hours Are Here - In-Store & Online
Holiday Trading Hours Are Here - In-Store & Online
Micro-Lot Release | Maria Reyes, Honduras - Seven Seeds

Micro-Lot Release | Maria Reyes, Honduras

We are ringing in the new year with an outstanding micro release from Honduras, setting a very high bar for our releases throughout 2023. Please welcome the Maria Reyes, Honduras to our single origin filter menu.

There is nothing quite like the Maria Reyes. Elegant is a word used by the roasting team to describe this coffee, and it's spot on. Expect notes of delicate springtime florals, ripe red cherries and sweet melon.


The 2022 purchase marks our third year of buying from producer Maria and her husband Mario; her coffee continues to blow past our expectations, each year a step up from the last. Only 138kgs was available this year and we are proud to say that we have purchased the total output, as we also did in 2020 and 202.

Maria Reyes has had a long relationship with coffee. As a child, she would help her father on their family farm, learning the intricacies of producing coffee. Maria and Mario were gifted land of their own in 2004, and it was here that they planted their first coffee tree. They began producing specialty coffee with encouragement from family members and the local San Vicente mill in 2010. This release comes from El Guayabal, their farm in the locality of El Cedral, consisting of Pacas and Red Catuai varietals.

The Maria Reyes is an exquisite coffee to start the new year. A very, very limited release for which we are very, very grateful.

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