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Public Holiday Hours | ANZAC Day
Seven Seeds Seven Days of Christmas - Seven Seeds

Seven Seeds Seven Days of Christmas

We bring you our Seven Seeds, Seven Days of Christmas gifting list! WHO KNOWS COFFEE LOVERS BETTER THAN COFFEE LOVERS? With so many new products on offer, we're certain you'll find the perfect present for everyone!

A gift crafted for your coffee-loving Kris Kringle, your caffeine-obsessed cousin or your V60 expert housemate.
Introducing Fiesta Filter Blend, an ode to Australian Christmas and Summer days spent enjoying lemonade ice blocks, fresh fruit and sharing bottles of bubbles.

We love this one because...
Sweet and sparkling upfront, cooling to notes of red berries, Fiesta is a refreshing blend of two of Seven Seeds' favourite Single Origins from this year.
Mukunga Estate AA, our highest-scoring Kenyan of the season, pairs beautifully with the sweet and punchy Mustefa Abalulessa from Ethiopia.

Your giftee is going to thank you endlessly for this!

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Are you buying for that last-minute, forgetful someone? Or the super-organised friend who's always planning ahead? Treat them to the ultimate gift of waking up daily to fresh, ready-to-brew coffee at home with a Seven Seeds Coffee Subscription.
We offer Espresso, Decaf and Filter subscriptions, so all coffee drinkers are covered. Drop us a line if you want to know more about how they work!

This is an awesome pressie because...
It's set and forget; we do all the work for you! Choose between Ongoing or Prepaid, pop your friend's delivery info in at checkout, then sit back and soak up the thanks.

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Nothing says Australian Summer like a cold coffee on a 25-degree morning, especially when it requires no effort beyond a walk to the fridge!
Brewed and chilled, using a rotating range of Seven Seeds single-origin coffees, our Cold Filter Casks are perfect for festivals, getaways or to have stored in the fridge, chilled and ready to enjoy.
Why this is the coolest gift around...
Our Cold Filter Casks are made for gifting. The new 2-litre version sports a Summery nautical vibe; they're jazzy enough to be popped straight under the Christmas tree.

Shopping for a Seven Seeds super fan? Our fresh new merch has dropped just in time for the holidays.
Christmas means Summer, and Summer means sunshine! Kit your lucky mate out in our new apparel, including the light and comfy Label Cap, Label Tee and ocean vibin' Under the Seven Seas Tee.
Our brilliant new insulated Stainless Steel Mugs are perfect for campers, picnickers and on-the-movers. Great for changing seasons, keeping hot coffee hot and cold brew cool. A comfy handle and tight-seal lid make for an excellent travel mug and your daily go-to coffee cup.
The freshest Seven Seeds tote is ready to be filled with a beach towel, a book and sunscreen. Larger than your usual go-to tote, you can load up this heavy-weight carry-all with your market shop, picnic snacks or coffee bean top-up.

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Just as everybody loves Raymond, everybody loves chocolate, especially when it's honestly sourced, bean-to-bar chocolate.

Birdsnake Chocolate is handmade from 100% natural ingredients in Fairfield, under the same roof that our coffee is roasted. Beyond the single-origin bars, the chocolate wizards whip up rich drinking chocolate and delicious spreads and sauces.

Bonus! Birdsnake Chocolate is also Vegan friendly… tick that gift off your shopping list!

Seven Seeds Team Pick...
A grown-up take on your childhood favourite, the delectable Strange Magic sets firm when poured (by the bucket load, of course) over freezer-cold ice cream. We love the new Choc Orange Strange Magic, that magical combo that throws you back to candy flavours of the past.

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This one is a no-brainer. The Good Stuff Pack is a selection of Melbourne's finest coffee, chocolate, tea and chai - for when you can't decide or can't pick just one! An easy win for when it's getting close to the big day and you haven't quite finished your gift shopping.

We'll box it up and send it out, ready for you to pop a ribbon on and hand it over.

Why we love gifting made easy...
The Good Stuff Pack can be tweaked to perfectly suit your lucky recipient - choose from our house coffee blends, Love Tea range and Birdsnake single-origin bars. Build a pack that shows them just how well you know them!

Looking to gift a classic? The Seven Seeds House Blend is a coffee known and loved by many Melbournians. The espresso you enjoy when visiting our cafes; intentionally sourced to maintain its flavour and profile throughout the seasons. We're confident they'll love waking up to a cup of House Blend throughout the Summer break and beyond.

A classic is always a winner...
The Seven Seeds House Blend is our OG. Smooth and sweet with caramel notes, it's delicious black or with milk. A guaranteed win whether your giftee is a coffee enthusiast, an up-and-coming coffee lover or homesick for iconic Melbourne coffee.

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