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Public Holiday Hours | ANZAC Day
Public Holiday Hours | ANZAC Day

New Release | Basha Bekele, Ethiopia

The Seven Seeds team are excited to welcome Basha Bekele back to our single-origin menu for a third consecutive year. A talented young producer out of Bensa, Sidama, Basha produces consistently high-quality coffee year after year. This year, Basha Bekele, Ethiopia, joins our filter roast menu; expect sweet stone fruit flavours and fun tropical cocktail vibes.

This sun-dried Natural coffee strikes the perfect balance between wild and precise. It is a beautiful coffee that easily stands out in a crowd, with hard-hitting and indulgent tropical tones upfront and delicate clarity at the back. We like to think of it as a gateway filter for those looking to take a walk on the slightly wild side.

Basha's farm sits at around 2300 masl in the Bensa highlands. The extremely high altitude here means limited access to water for cherry processing, resulting in a preference for Natural processed coffees.

Our head roaster, Ryan, met with Basha, along with other producers from the region, during a visit to Ethiopia this year. Sidama is an area where coffee is fuelling significant change, and Seven Seeds is happy to be a part of that.

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