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New Release | Los Aguacatones, Guatemala

Fredy Morales and family, coffee producers in Huehuetenango, Guatemala, form one of our longest and strongest sourcing relationships - now going on beyond ten years. With our latest single-origin coffee release, we continue to grow our sourcing relationship with Finca Los Aguacatones, just one of the Morales family farms.

With a flavour profile reminiscent of a tropical tiki drink, Los Aguacatones, Guatemala, is an exciting addition to our espresso menu. 

This year's release from Finca Los Aguacatones is an Anaerobic Natural coffee, which involves a 48-hour anaerobic fermentation, followed by sun-drying the coffee cherry for a further ten days. This thoughtful, focused processing technique has resulted in a highly approachable, fun-loving coffee with notes of fruit punch, cocktail cherries and sugarcane.

The Morales family started Finca Los Aguacatones in 2009 to concentrate on producing more unique varietals while utilising increasingly innovative and sustainable production methods. At around 2000 MASL, with an adverse micro-climate and poor soil quality, Los Aguacatones has always required a different approach to their other farms. Increasingly, they have begun experimenting with different processing techniques to minimise the environmental impact of coffee production.

Sourcing from projects like this is one way that Seven Seeds and other roasters like us can help provide growth opportunities for producers who will continue to face the harsh realities of a changing climate.

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