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New Release | Sitio da Pedra, Brazil

Sitio da Pedra, Brazil

Brazil Season has officially begun at Seven Seeds, and we are pumped to revisit one of our most significant sourcing origins. Over 30% of our annual coffee volume comes from Brazil; we're talking over 30,000kg this year!

Seven Seeds sources from two different states in Brazil, Minas Gerais and Bahia, allowing us to explore various flavour profiles and build relationships with up-and-coming producers. Joining our filter menu this week is a classic Brazilian Yellow Bourbon from Pedralva, Minas Gerais - Sitio da Pedra, Brazil.

Sitio da Pedra, Brazil, Coffee Profile

Like most Brazilian coffees, Sitio da Pedra is a natural process coffee. This coffee is beautifully balanced, with notes of soft fruit, mellow acids and a dessert-like texture. The layers of complexity are the result of true determination by producer Luciano Jose Braga to improve coffee quality and exceed the status quo.

With support from our origin sourcing partners, Carmo Coffee, Luciano has become one of the leading producers in Minas Gerais, consistently producing coffees that cup with a quality score well above 85 points.

This is our first year purchasing from Luciano, and we're excited to showcase his produce, bringing you a truly unique Brazilian coffee experience.

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