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New Release | Willyan Zambrano, Colombia

Willyan Zambrano, Colombia

Introducing Willyan Zambrano, dubbed Don Pink Bourbon. This coffee comes straight out of Pitalito, Huila, where producer Willyan Rojas Zambrano and his wife, Maria Esther Lopez, produce exquisite coffees on their farm, La Montañita. One of the most exciting coffees we’ve cupped so far this year; Willyan Zambrano, Colombia joins our single-origin filter menu today.

Imagine ripe, juicy red fruits, sweet fragrant florals and effervescent acidity. It's not often that one coffee will stop the whole of Seven Seeds HQ in its tracks. The Willyan Zambrano is exceptional. There was not a lot of information available about this coffee before we received a sample in late 2022, but we knew we had something special from the first cupping. We are not one for hyperboles here at Seeds, but this coffee is out of this world.

Willyan Zambrano, Colombia, Coffee Profile


Let's explain the mysterious varietal "Pink Bourbon". It is a natural mutation between the Red and Yellow Bourbon that first became prominent in the Huila region. As it is a natural hybridization, the varietal is recessive and unstable. Without careful cultivation by farmers, Pink Bourbon can be hard to produce consistently. Given this, information on this coffee's history varies, and the future of its production is unclear. One thing is sure: a cup of Pink Bourbon is unique, complex and outstanding.

A focus for the Seven Seeds sourcing team in 2023 was to reestablish our presence with producers in Colombia, aiming to strengthen existing relationships and identify producers with whom we could establish long-term exclusive partnerships. Willyan Zambrano is precisely the kind of producer we were looking for.

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